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Forum Rules
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

Forum Rules

We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.


1. About Rules.
1.1. Ignorance Regulation does not exempt from liability for infringement.
1.2. Rules are subject to change without prior notice.
1.3. Forum Rules are enforceable by all parties.
1.4. Each section can be their "local" rules, which will also be observed.

2. On the Administration.
2.1. Administration Forum is not responsible for the information posted on the Forum.
2.2. Administration Forum is not responsible for the actions of Assault Forum.
2.3. Administration Forum is not responsible for the services provided by the Forum.
2.4. Forum Administration reserves the right to publish any data on the participants Forum.
2.5. Forum Administration reserves the right to try zabanit status or any party forum without explanation.
2.6. Forum Administration reserves the right to disregard the Rules of the Forum.
2.7. Questions and complaints to the Administration send messages only through the Personal or ICQ.

3. About the status.
3.1. Administrator - Administrator Forum.
3.2. Escrow Service - participant in the Forum, which provides services Escrow Service.
3.3. Blacklist Moderator - Moderator section Black-List.
3.4. Moderator - participant in the Forum, modering one or more sections of the Forum.

3.5. Seller - participant in the Forum, which provides service at the Forum.
3.5.1. Trusted Seller - Seller which provides a service for a long time, during which it has not been claims in the black list.
3.6. DEER - participant in the Forum, violated Regulation.

3.7. Unresolved Problems - participant in the Forum, not fulfilled on commitments and have unresolved problems.

3.8. RIPPER - participant in the Forum, ripped anyone or tried to implement the Name.

4. About registration.
4.1. Registration for the Forum - 100$.
4.2. Registration for the Forum is carried out without sureties.
4.3. Registration includes enetring nickname, password and email aswell. So incase of lost password you will be able to restore it automaticaly, by using resetting password procedure.
4.4. You may not register at the forum of more than one account, without a compelling reason to do so.
4.5. You may not be registered under the nickname similar to other Forum participants nickname.
4.6. You may not be registered under the nickname similar to nick celebrities in the fields of underground and Internet commerce.
4.7. You may not be registered under the nickname containing a web resources, as well as gross and obscenities and expression.
4.8. By registering at the forum party confirms its full agreement with the Rules of the Forum and the possible consequences in case of violation.
4.9. Registration at the forum may be cancelled without explanation.

5. On Advertising
5.1. Prohibited advertising Forum participants to the registration of less than 1 month. (Exception - if it is in concert with the Administration Forum).
5.2. Prohibited deceptive positions in support of the vendor or service.
5.3. Forbidden to leave feedback on the services memberam the number of posts less than 5. Such posts can be removed by adults.
5.4. Uplift of the advertising is forbidden topic more than once a week.
5.5. Prohibited advertising, which is contrary to the Rules, including the signature on avatars, user profile or in other ways.
5.6. You may not run ads not from his face.
5.7. Posting unverified advertising, including an ad hoc, only in "Unverified advertising"!
5.8. Any member Forum, placed the ad topic can be subjected to verification by the Administration Forum.
5.9 Prohibited to sell software which is available for public use.
5.10. Prohibited to sell "methods" or "ways" to get easy money. Remember-noone sell money for money.

6. On the use of Personal Communications at the Forum as well icq.
6.1. Advertising services, goods in PM / icq participants in the Forum.
6.2. Do not mass distribution to the PM / icq participants in the Forum.
6.3. Spaming prohibited matters PM / icq participants in the Forum.
6.4. You may not unduly offend in PM / icq participants in the Forum.

7. About posting.
7.1. You may not deploy posts / topics are not appropriate in sections on topics / themes.
7.2. The formation of those already discussed.
7.3. You may not give the names of pointless topics. (Themes with names like "Help" or "Problem" may be removed).
7.4. You may not post similar messages / themes in one or more sections (double posting).
7.5. You may not excessive quotation (overkvoting).
7.6. You may not post messages translit. Use
7.7. You may not post messages in the English part of the Forum in Russian, available without reason.
7.8. You may not post a message separately from the specially created topics for ads of this type.
7.9. You may not personal correspondence in the order, use the Personal messages or ICQ. Posts: "Please contact in ICQ" "Posted in PM", etc. can be deleted.
7.10. Tucker is prohibited (except - special section).
7.11. Offtopic prohibited.
7.12. Forbidden to beg.
7.13. You may not raise the topic more than once a week.
7.14. You may not post links to files that contain malicious code.
7.15. You may not post direct links to the sites of banks, payment systems, etc.
7.16. You may not post links to other carding forums, including the signature on avatars, user profile or in other ways.
7.17. Prohibited unfounded insult other participants in the Forum.
7.18. Forbidden to conduct mediation activities.
7.19. You may not placing false information.
7.20. Prohibited output confidential information on the participants of the Forum. (deletion, if concert with the Administration Forum).
7.21. You may not create posts / topics similar to the meaning remote post / or closed top themes.
7.22. You may not groundless Uplift old order.
7.23. Prohibit to place any posts about selling skimming hardware without prior approvement from administration.
7.24. Prohibit to exchange or discuss information about drugs and related stuff.

8. The activities related to carding CIS.
8.1. The Forum is forbidden to engage in activities directly related to carding CIS, namely:
8.1.1. Carding bank payment systems and the CIS.
8.1.2. Updating of the CIS operators of mobile phones.
8.1.3. Working with "dirty" electronic currencies.
8.1.4. Real-shopping in the CIS.

8.2. The Forum will be permitted to engage in activities that do not directly affect carding CIS, namely:
8.2.1. Admission stuff in the CIS is not from the CIS countries.
8.2.2. Money transfers to non-CIS countries of the CIS.
8.2.3. Sales of certificates of payment systems.
8.2.4. Sales of ATM cards for cash from the payment system.

8.3. The list can be added to and changed without prior notice.

9. Responsibility for violating Regulation.
Violation of any of these rules could lead to, the following consequences:
9.1. Removing the post / topic.
9.2. Warning.
9.3. Negative status.
9.4. Ban.
9.5. Removing account wrongdoing in the Forum.
9.6. Heaped personal information wrongdoing at the Forum.
9.7. Other penalties.

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